vendredi 11 décembre 2015

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25 conversations qui ont subit l'autocorrecteur!

Date : 09 h 10
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  • Les autocorrecteurs dans certains cas ont sûrement changés la vie de bien des gens... Et perceptions de certaines personnes...

    A: Are you definitely going to veterinarian school?
    B: Yep. I’ll get to spend my days humping animals and that makes me happy :)
    B: Wow. Helping. I definitely meant helping.
    A: I was so scared there for a second :/
    A: Just watched the news.
    A: Weatherman says to prepare for flamingos this weekend.
    B: Oh god no! Anything but flamingos!
    A: Ha! Flooding. This phone is so silly.
    B: That’s a relief. I was unsure how to prepare for the bird invasion.
    A: How did Emily break her finger?
    B: Her finger got stuck in my butthole
    A: WHATTTT?!
    B: Holyshit. My buckle. Belt buckle.
    A: That is the funniest thing I have heard ALL day!
    A: Mashed potatoes or bitchgobblet potatoes tonight?
    A: What the fuck????
    A: Omg… butthurt potatoes
    A: Bitthurt
    A: Ughhhh!
    A: B u t t e r e d
    A: Good morning! You are beautiful and amazing. I love you and dream about the Fuhrer.
    A: Omg future.
    B: Best autocorrect ever
    A: what are you getting grandpa for fathers day?
    B: Cockring
    B: No!
    B: Cockring
    A: I’m gonna go out on a limb and say I don’t think grandpa needs a cockring, Beth.
    A: How is our pregnant little daughter?
    B: Mom how did you know?
    A: I meant Perfect
    A: Wait WHAT!!!

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